Want to know about raising alpacas?
So did we.

Welcome to All About Alpacas. On this website our goal is to pass along the passion and knowledge we've gained on our journey into this exciting new world. When we began we were complete novices, not only to the raising of alpacas but to livestock and farming in general.  The early research we did was very humbling. The first thing you learn is how much you don't know.

It's easy to fall in love with these exotic animals. We certainly did. At first we were attracted to their income potential and ease of care. We wanted to leave the city and start a hobby farm. The first criterion was we wouldn't raise any animals destined for the dinner table. We also wanted animals we would enjoy being around and caring for.

On paper they looked intriguing, but when we first saw them in person, we were hooked. Gazing over the fence. watching them graze and play, was calming and captivating. We didn't want to leave!  We know many breeders with full-time jobs who head straight to the pasture when they get home to unwind.  Our favourite time of day is when chores are completed  and we can sit in the pasture and watch the alpacas start their day.

These animals will enrich your life while providing you with an additional income. What more could you ask for?

It's often said that caring for alpacas is much easier than other farm livestock. While this is largely true, it doesn't mean that raising alpacas is a venture you should jump into blindly. There is a lot of available information about owning alpacas and sifting through it can be overwhelming. We spent the better part of two years researching before we made our initial investment.

In the various sections of this website we will share with you what we have learned through conversations with breeders; reading books, magazines and internet articles; attending workshops, as well as trials and errors of our own.

We hope that exploring these pages is a fun and informative journey for you.