Alpaca Magazine: Camelid Quarterly

The International Camelid Quarterly is an invaluable alpaca magazine to add to your resource library. It is a truly international magazine with contributors from North America, South America, Britain, Europe and Australia. Their goal is to aid the development of the camelid industry worldwide. 

Article topics include: animal husbandry, health concerns, fibre arts projects and profiles of specific artists, breeding and management considerations, etc.

CQ maintains an online library for subscribers to reference at anytime. Subscribers also have the choice of receiving only the online version of the magazine, thus saving both resources and money.

Camelid Quarterly is published by Rysko Pearson Productions in March, June, September and December.

They can be contacted at: 

82 Daisywood Driver

Hammond Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada   B4B 0E1

902-406-0547 or via E-mail at