Physical Characteristics of Alpacas

Alpacas are four legged fibre bearing mammals with a long slender neck, large round eyes and soft padded feet with two toes. They are the most delicate looking member of the camelid family. There are two breeds of alpacas. The Huacaya (pronounced wa-ki-ya) and the suri (pronounced sir-ee). The fleece on huacaya alpacas grows perpendicular to the skin causing them to have a teddy bear look before they're shorn. The fleece on the suri alpacas grows parallel to the skin and falls in ringlets.

Female alpaca at 6 months

Body Shape

Alpacas stand 81 - 99 cm (32" - 39") at the withers and weigh between 48 to 84 kg (105 - 185 lbs). Looking at them from the side an alpaca proportions should be fairly evenly divided into three, with the neck, torso and legs all being equal. Both front legs should be straight vertically. The rear legs should have a 140 degree angle at the knee.

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